Currently we have changed Sunday School into Cross-generational learning! We encourage all ages to join us in the fireside for Faith 5 after worship to around 11:00am each Sunday from September through May. Newport Lutheran Chubags6rch wants kids to learn about God’s love for them and have fun while doing it! We encourage parents to stay and learn with their child.

What is Cross Gen Sunday School? It is Sunday School for all ages – birth through 100+, based on Faith 5. Faith 5 incorporates sharing your ups/downs, reading a story from the Bible, talking about what you read, praying and blessing. All are welcome to come and participate. It has been shown that the more ages learning together, the more that is learned. While some toddlers may not understand or even be able to sit still, they are still learning. They are learning that God loves them by people caring about them. They learn church is a place where they are welcome and feel a part. This is true for everyone. Even the most well-known stories, when seen through the eyes of a child can get adults thinking in a whole new way. The older people can help the younger ones and will have fun in the process.

In addition to Sunday School there are special events held throughout the year for families and children including Trick or Trunk, a Christmas program, and an Easter Egg Hunt!

First Communion is in 2nd grade or at a time when their family feels is appropriate for their child.  In 2nd grade each child receives a Bible and learns Bible basics to introduce them to reading God’s Word for themselves.

To register for any of the above opportunities, complete the activity registration form.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact the church office at 651-459-2447 or send an e-mail.