To schedule a baptism, call the church office (651-459-2447) or complete the form below and e-mail it or snail mail it to Pastor Sue.  If you wish to submit the form on-line click on appropriate form (child or adult) below (make sure it states submit on-line).  The secretary or pastor will be in contact with you once she receives the form to schedule an appointment.   Please note, your baptism is not scheduled until you have confirmed the date with Pastor Sue.

Newport Lutheran Church baptizes children of all ages from birth to 100+.  Pastor Sue will schedule a brief appointment with you to discuss baptism and the service.

Baptism Form – Child (Word Document)

Baptism Form – Child (PDF)

Baptism Form – Adult (Word Document)

Baptism Form – Adult (PDF)

Baptism Form – Child (Submit On-line)

Baptism Form – Adult (Submit On-line)